IMEI check

IMEI-Index plans to break through with a 24/7 support & service availability and a priority feature

June 2017: IMEI-Index has officially shaped its main goal to provide real time support for everyone owning an iPhone device.  If in a need for an answer, you can take advantage from IMEI-Index platform promoting a 24-hour support and service system that is ready to assist for any issue or question you might have.

The best part: You can even customize your check according to your needs. For example, if you want IMEI-Index to perform partly checks about your soon-to-be iPhone, you can do it. Just go for a partly search. If you know nothing about that device or need to be sure about every part, then, a full IMEI check (with a 40% discount) is what you need to get.

As one of the most well-established IMEI-checkers available, IMEI-Index, through its main service; a Costumed and Advanced IMEI iPhone status check Report, plans to surprise its customers with a real time assistance available any time, everywhere. And if your case is a priority to you and you need to have the IMEI-Index’s report as soon as possible, it is possible! Simply by choosing the “Priority” service, your case gets an advantage. IMEI-Index immediately starts the checks for the iPhone whose IMEI number you’ve provided when making the order.

To Remember:  Their system is now a platform that gives answers in real time with customized checks.

A chaotic smartphone era?

Since from the total of 395 iPhones sold every minute, half of them are used ones that are being resold, the secondhand iPhone market becomes literally chaotic and filled with people trying to sell blacklisted or locked devices to worldwide customers interested to purchase a used iPhone.

According to Deloitte Global, this year, consumers will potentially sell around 120 million secondhand smartphones. Making this market to generate more than $17 billion.

Today’s most of the online stores have at their products list all types of smartphones available for worldwide shipment. Purchasing a used iPhone through an online retailer is what 88 percent of people do.  These are the people trying to secure a used and secure iPhone for themselves. Since this is a constantly-growing market with people who are constantly negotiating and purchasing iPhones thorough online stores, the necessity of platforms that help normal people to protect their money while buying a clean iPhone, like IMEI-Index, is high.

According to some market studies, around 15 percent of premium iPhones (with a price higher than $500), have at least three owners. This, before they become nonfunctional. This means, knowing your soon-to-be iPhone’s past is crucial. Especially if you don’t want to end up owning a device that is blacklisted or locked by a carrier.

That is why, IMEI-Index has been working for so long to provide its customers a secure and accurate IMEI check service. This service covers pretty much everything, you as a customer, need to know regarding a specific iPhone device.

Taking some giant steps towards creating a never-sleeping support system that works in creating unique and personalized IMEI-check reports that are delivered to your email within 5 to 60 minutes, is a dream come true for the hardworking IMEI-Index staff of experts.

How to make the most out of IMEI-Index’s 24/7 support and service system?

By filling out a simple form, IMEI-Index staff will, within minutes, reach back to you . They will give their suggestions and professional advises regarding any type of iPhone issue you might have.

Depending on your iPhone’s issue, whether you’re trying to buy one or sell one on your store and want to create a certificate document to show to your potential clients the real value of an ,  you can go for a full IMEI check report. It will show you everything you need to know about a specific iPhone device through its unique  IMEI number. You will also get a PDF Report. MEI-Index system is able to provide for you with real time data and:

  • Find out which network or carrier has initially locked the iPhone
  • if that iPhone is locked or unlocked
  • is reported as Stolen or Lost
  • is in-contract or has any unpaid bills
  • has “Find my iPhone” enabled or is locked with iCloud
  • its IMEI ir replaced or was refurbished before
  • is still under Apple’s warranty

Straight from Apple’s GSX Database:

The following information are available to our customers by ordering a Full IMEI Check Report:

IMEI iPhone Check

General Information:

IMEI Number: 013428009xxxxx8
Serial Number: C38KXXXXXX19
iPhone: iPhone 5 16GB Black
Phone Age: 2 Years, 1 Month, 26 Days
Model Number: A1428
Production Week: 17
Factory: C3/CHINA (Possible Refurnished)

Network Check:

Lock Carrier: T-Mobile US
Activation Policy: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Network: GSM
Activation Status: Yes – Activated

Blacklist Check:

Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED
Blacklist Reason: Reported LOST/STOLEN
Blacklisted By: T-Mobile US
Blacklist Country: UNITED STATES, CANADA
“Find My iPhone” Status: OFF
The Blacklist Status of that iPhone can be by-pass with the WorldWide iPhone Unlocking Method. It supports all iPhone models, all Mobile Networks and both CLEAN/Blacklisted IMEI Numbers.

Warranty Check:

Warranty Status: Expired
Phone Support: Expired
AppleCare Protection: No
Service Coverage: Expired
Purchase Date: 06/21/2013
Purchased Country: UNITED STATES
Replacement Check: No Replacements
Active IMEI/Serial: 013428009xxxxx8 – C38KXXXXXX19