A good way to get one of the latest iPhone models, is through online stores, such as, eBay, Amazon or Craigslist. When a new iPhone model is being announced, all the previous iPhone models immediately lose their price.

This is a very good method to get an iPhone (lets say iPhone 5s, since iPhone 6/6+ are the latest models) with a very good price. The only issue you might encounter is its lock status and the network in which that iPhone is locked to.

The IMEI Carrier Check Service is able to inform you if your iPhone is Locked/Unlocked and in Which Mobile Network it is activated.

IMEI Carrier Check Service – Why should I order it?

Lets first understand what is the difference between a Locked and an Unlocked iPhone, and then you will understand much quicker why the IMEI Carrier Check Service is important to you.

The locked iPhones are able to operate only with one Mobile Networks. For instance, if your iPhone is Locked on O2 UK Network and you try to change it with an Orange UK SIM-Card, you will get the message that this SIM-Card is not valid and you will not have any signal at all.

An Unlocked iPhone will allow you to change between Mobile Networks whenever you want, even between Mobile Networks from different countries.

Does the IMEI Carrier Check Service only offers SIM-Lock Checks?

Our IMEI Carrier Check Service includes eight IMEI Checks, so let me list them for you:

  1. IMEI Carrier Check ServiceSIM-Lock Status

  2. Carrier Identification

  3. IMEI Blacklist Check

  4. IMEI/Serial Replacement Check

  5. iCloud and Find My iPhone Status

  6. iPhone’s Warranty Check

  7. General iPhone’s Info

  8. Hardware iPhone’s Info

All the above checks are included to our Full IMEI Carrier Check Service, and those are equally important when it comes to buy a Second-Hand iPhone.

Explanation of IMEI Carrier Check Service options

Some of the IMEI Carrier Check Service terms might be a little difficult to understand, so let me explain in detail what those options are:

SIM-Lock Status:

The SIM-Lock status of the Check IMEI Apple Service will inform you if your iPhone is Locked or Unlocked. It will not inform you (In case of a Locked-Status) in which Mobile Network it is locked. Ideal for recently Officially Unlocked iPhones, which will inform you if the Unlock was successful. Highly recommended before buying an iPhone.

Network Identification:

It will inform you in which Mobile Network your iPhone is activated and if that Network has locked your iPhone. You will also receive a suggestion to trusted and verified IMEI Unlock provider which supports your Network. Highly recommended before buying an iPhone.

IMEI Check Report Sample Check Apple IMEI ServiceBlacklist Status:

The Blacklist status of the Check IMEI Apple Service will inform you if your iPhone has been reported as Lost or Stolen, and also if it is has pending contract bills. It is a very important check, because by purchasing a Blacklisted iPhone, the chances to unlock it become thinner and more expensive. Ideal for purchasing Second-Hand iPhone from online shops (like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist).

IMEI/Serial Replacement Check:

In some occasions, iRepair shops will try to change the IMEI and the Serial Number of an iPhone, in order to make it “appear” as Unlocked or NOT Blacklisted. This check, will inform you if that iPhone has a replaced IMEI/Serial number, which of them is currently active and if any previous IMEI/Serial numbers have been Blacklisted. Also ideal for Second-Hand iPhones.

iCloud/Find my iPhone Check IMEI Apple Service:

It will show you if the Find My iPhone feature is ON or OFF and it your iPhone has an iCloud Lock. It is highly recommended to combine the Blacklist Status Check with the iCloud/Fing My iPhone Check, because the combination of a Blacklisted and iCloud Locked iPhone, will make this iPhone unusable.

Warranty Status:

Based on the Purchase Date (Which is included on the General Information), we can calculate if your iPhone still has Service and Telephone Coverage. Also, you will be informed if the AppleCare feature is enabled, which means extra Service and Telephone Coverage.

Hardware and General Information:

This check is very straightforward. You will receive all available information about your iPhone, from the Age of your iPhone to your screen size and your iPhone’s weight. This check is included to all of our IMEI Check Reports.

Accurate IMEI Carrier Check Service for all iPhone models

Apple is not “showing” those information to the public. Only certified companies are allowed to access them, and IMEI-Index.com is able to do so.

We have direct and real-time access to Apple’s GSX servers, which allow us to provide you quick and accurate IMEI Carrier Check information to you.

You only have to provide us your IMEI number and in a few minutes you will receive your IMEI Carrier Check Report to your e-mail.

Order an IMEI Carrier Check Service

Straight from Apple’s GSX Database:

The following information are available to our customers by ordering a Full IMEI Check Report:

IMEI iPhone Check

General Information:

IMEI Number: 013428009xxxxx8
Serial Number: C38KXXXXXX19
iPhone: iPhone 5 16GB Black
Phone Age: 2 Years, 1 Month, 26 Days
Model Number: A1428
Production Week: 17
Factory: C3/CHINA (Possible Refurnished)

Network Check:

Lock Carrier: T-Mobile US
Activation Policy: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Network: GSM
Activation Status: Yes – Activated

Blacklist Check:

Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED
Blacklist Reason: Reported LOST/STOLEN
Blacklisted By: T-Mobile US
Blacklist Country: UNITED STATES, CANADA
“Find My iPhone” Status: OFF
The Blacklist Status of that iPhone can be by-pass with the WorldWide iPhone Unlocking Method. It supports all iPhone models, all Mobile Networks and both CLEAN/Blacklisted IMEI Numbers.

Warranty Check:

Warranty Status: Expired
Phone Support: Expired
AppleCare Protection: No
Service Coverage: Expired
Purchase Date: 06/21/2013
Purchased Country: UNITED STATES
Replacement Check: No Replacements
Active IMEI/Serial: 013428009xxxxx8 – C38KXXXXXX19