When it comes on checking iPhones, the ESN and IMEI numbers are something you should know. Although they represent different things, they have a very strong connection.

You also need to know if there is a difference between an ESN Checker and IMEI Checker, and of course to know why you need those services, especially when you are planning to buy a used (Second-Hand) iPhone from an online store.

ESN Checker and IMEI Checker – What ESN and IMEI are?ESN Checker and IMEI Checker

Let me start with the basics, so you can get the full picture of the ESN Checker and IMEI Checker use.

IMEI Number:

International Mobile Equipment Identity (or IMEI) is a unique number that all GSM Networks assign to the iPhones. One iPhone cannot have multiple IMEI numbers, and one IMEI number cannot be assigned to multiple iPhones (This is why it is unique!).

ESN Number:

Electronic Serial Numbers (or ESN) are only used to the CDMA Networks (Code Division Multiple Access), such as Sprint and Verizon Networks in the USA (Other Mobile Networks in other countries use the CDMA network as well).

Why an IMEI to GSM Networks – ESN Checker and IMEI Checker

The IMEI number is a unique 15-digit number (It can also be 17-digit number) that is registered to a phone which uses a GSM Network. GSM phones are using SIM-Cards, which are not unique (You can switch the SIM-card or use the same SIM-Card to a different phone), so the basic identifier of a phone can only be the IMEI number (Not the SIM-Card).

This IMEI number, stores all the information of that phone, such as Network, Blacklist Status, Lock status, IMEI replacements, Purchase date, Phone model and much more (For iPhones, it also has Find My iPhone status, iOS version, etc..). When a GSM iPhone got stolen or lost, the owner can report it, and block its IMEI number. This will make that phone unable to use the GSM networks, so it will basically be useless to the thief! It does not matter what SIM-Card you will use, this phone will not function!

Why an ESN to CDMA – ESN Checker and IMEI Checker

The ESN number is much bigger than the IMEI number (It is a 32-digit number), and it is not assigned by the Networks, but from the manufacturer of that phone. Since the CDMA phones do not use a SIM-Card, the companies need to know to whom they sold it, and this is why they introduced the ESN number.

This number is programmed into the phone (So you cannot changed it), but you can also find it under the battery of your phone. ESN number also contains all the information of the phone, plus the owner of that iPhone (So the company knows exactly who is using it!).

Why to use an ESN Checker and IMEI Checker?ESN Checker and IMEI Checker

The ESN Checker and IMEI Checker are very helpful tools, and they will allow you to find out all the information of an iPhone.

Buying iPhones from an online store can hide a lot of dangers, so the best approach is to first learn everything you can about the iPhone you are planning to buy and then buy it!

The ESN Checker and IMEI Checker will provide you:

  1. Locked Status of that iPhone
  2. In which Network this iPhone is activated (And also blocks it from using other Mobile Networks)
  3. Blacklist Status (If it is reported as lost, stolen, Pending bill, Insurance claim, Aged or other)
  4. Replacement Check (If its IMEI number has been replaced)
  5. Find My iPhone feature status (Is it ON or OFF)
  6. Activation Status (If the iPhone has been activated to a specific Network)
  7. Warranty status
  8. and more

By knowing all the above, you will then be 100% sure of the iPhone you are buying, and avoid getting scammed by the seller.

We provide such ESN Checker and IMEI Checker services with the lowest prices on the market, and our response time is from 5 to 60 minutes.

The Ordering procedure is not only simple, but 100% safe and refundable:

  1. Click on the link at the bottom (Our Ordering Form)
  2. Type your IMEI number (Make sure it is the right one)
  3. Choose the service you need (Network/SIM-Lock or Blacklist or Replacement Check)
  4. A valid Email address to send you our ESN Checker and IMEI Checker Report
  5. PayPal payment is supported (To keep the transaction safe and refundable)

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IMEI Index iPhone Network Lock Blacklist Status Checker

Straight from Apple’s GSX Database:

The following information are available to our customers by ordering a Full IMEI Check Report:

IMEI iPhone Check

General Information:

IMEI Number: 013428009xxxxx8
Serial Number: C38KXXXXXX19
iPhone: iPhone 5 16GB Black
Phone Age: 2 Years, 1 Month, 26 Days
Model Number: A1428
Production Week: 17
Factory: C3/CHINA (Possible Refurnished)

Network Check:

Lock Carrier: T-Mobile US
Activation Policy: US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Network: GSM
Activation Status: Yes – Activated

Blacklist Check:

Blacklist Status: BLACKLISTED
Blacklist Reason: Reported LOST/STOLEN
Blacklisted By: T-Mobile US
Blacklist Country: UNITED STATES, CANADA
“Find My iPhone” Status: OFF
The Blacklist Status of that iPhone can be by-pass with the WorldWide iPhone Unlocking Method. It supports all iPhone models, all Mobile Networks and both CLEAN/Blacklisted IMEI Numbers.

Warranty Check:

Warranty Status: Expired
Phone Support: Expired
AppleCare Protection: No
Service Coverage: Expired
Purchase Date: 06/21/2013
Purchased Country: UNITED STATES
Replacement Check: No Replacements
Active IMEI/Serial: 013428009xxxxx8 – C38KXXXXXX19