Don’t run the risk of buying a locked or stolen iPhone!

Easily check if an iPhone is locked, lost, stolen, blacklisted…
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iPhone IMEI Check

What do we check?

More than 50+ iPhone IMEI database checks are performed!

iPhone Network Carrier SIM lock Check
Find out which network / carrier initially locked your iPhone

Current iPhone Lock Status Check
Find out if your iPhone is currently locked or unlocked

Global iPhone Blacklist Check
Find out if your iPhone is reported as Lost or Stolen

iPhone In-Contract Check
Find out if your iPhone is in-contract or has an outstanding balance ( unpaid bills )

iCloud Activation Lock Check
Find out if your iPhone is locked with iCloud or has “Find my iPhone” enabled

iPhone IMEI Replacement Check
Find out if your iPhone has a replaced IMEI or was refurbished before

iPhone Apple Warranty Status:
Find out if your iPhone is still under Apple’s warranty

and much more…

IMEI iPhone Check

Who supplies the data?

We use paid, public databases and our own IMEI Index

  • SIM Lock data ( like Initial SIM lock Carrier ) comes straight from Apple’s Global Service Exchange ( GSX ) servers
  • Stolen & Lost iPhone data comes from over 12 global network providers, including GSMA database
  • Unpaid bills Check for iPhone is provided by providers like Sprint USA, T-Mobile and many more


How will I receive my IMEI report?

Our automated IMEI Checker will check your IMEI in all databases, generate the IMEI report and send it to you via email within 5-60 minutes.


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